What is an i3P Project?


Research into the current state-of-the art over a range of technology themes within the construction and infrastructure sector.

A discovery project will make use of survey and best practice information supplied by the i3P consortium members, and provide technology development strategy reccomendations.


Applied research that address a specific technical challenge within an infrastructure project. The results of the research would have an immediate impact either through direct application of a technology or practice and/or would influence the regulations and standards applied to that original challenge area.

The benefits of the research would be industry-wide. Impact projects may be industry:academea collaborations as well as B2B.


Spark projects may be on any topic with industry-wide relevance and will usually address broader thematic challenges or elements within such as e.g processes to help delivery a zero-harm culture.

Spark projects must be collaborative in nature involving two or more i3P members and may include non-i3P partner or contributing organisations.