How it works

The i3P Strategy Board is run by an appointed chair and senior representation from member (client) organisations.

The online innovation portal, accessible by staff of all member organisations, facilitates the sharing of innovation.

The innovation portal enables members to:

  • upload and download content;
  • provides a trusted collaborative space and a ‘toolkit’;
  • directly connect to members from different organisations to share expertise and ideas.

The innovation portal will be interfaced into the individual innovation management systems owned and governed by each client member.


A short PDF presentation about i3P can be downloaded here

i3P is currently made up of 10 client organisations & 19 Tier 1 contractors / consultants.

The i3P is managed by an independent secretariat provided by the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN). KTN will support the Strategy Board, Delivery Leadership Group, Forum and host the innovation portal providing full administrative support to i3P.

The KTN will also have a key role in conjunction with the Strategy Board in identifying, prioritising and promoting innovation development opportunities.