About Us

Launched in October 2016, the Infrastructure Industry Innovation Partnership (i3P) is an independent innovation community governed by representatives from its member organisations. Membership is open to clients (currently major infrastructure projects and construction programmes) and their supply chains (Tier 1 contractors and consultants) across the infrastructure industry.

As a primary driver for innovation in the UK infrastructure industry, i3P will help transform ideas into opportunities and practical solutions; providing a mechanism for strategically directing innovation to address the major challenges facing the infrastructure industry.

By fostering a truly collaborative culture of innovation across both infrastructure clients and their supply chains, i3P will create a ‘safe space’ to identify areas for potential industry improvement, share ideas, and enable members to partner in projects that drive increased value across the infrastructure industry.


Strategy Board: Purpose to provide governance to i3P and to steer the delivery programme. The Board liaise with other key strategic guiding minds such as BEIS, ICG, CLC, TIP and NIC. The Strategy Board is composed of the 2 co-Chairs of i3P, representatives of members and other selected stakeholders, plus ‘non-executives’. 

Delivery Leadership Group (DLG): Meets monthly to oversee and drive delivery whilst ensuring the integration of all i3P work streams, and full engagement and ownership by all client organisations. This includes collaboration with other industry enabling initiatives such as Project 13. The DLG is supported through the Programme Management Office (PMO) function hosted by KTN.

Forum: The i3P Forum is the body with ultimate responsibility for the collective governance of i3P, the equivalent of a ‘shareholders meeting’ where the i3P co-chairs present back to i3P member organisations on progress against agreed plans, whilst seeking endorsement and support. This collective meeting is held twice a year provides the ’voice of the members’.


Delivery Leadership Group

DLG Members
Name Organisation
Rob Ewen (DLG Co-Chair) Heathrow
Iain Roche (DLG-Co-Chair) HS2
Tim Embley Costain
Kate Young Jacobs
Will Reddaway Murphys
Charlotte Hills Tideway
Andrew Powell Environment Agency
Jennifer Schooling Centre for Smart Infrastructure, Cambridge
Mark Gaddes Network Rail
Mark Glaysher Network Rail
Scott Bennison Vinci
Simon Horsley Bentley
Stacey Shepherd EDF
Susan Hone-Brookes MTC
Alex Lubbock IPA
Nick Sumption KTN
Colin Tattam KTN
Chris Bagley KTN
Mike Moseley KTN
Sarah Jacobs KTN